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Zadnje novice // Latest Giljotina news:

Darko annouce their debut full-length album ‘BONSAI MAMMOTH’

  5/12/2016 // giljotina


Super duper mega announcement by Darko:

“On February 3rd 2017 we will release our debut album ‘BONSAI MAMMOTH’ dropping through the mighty Bird Attack Records with support from Lockjaw Records (UK) and Torch of Hope Records (Japan).
We recorded at the The Ranch production house with Daly George- Engineer/Producer/Mixer at the helm. Mastering was undertaken by Brad at AUDIOSIEGE and we are super thrilled with the outcome. The epic artwork was penned by Toby Sullivan at T sullivan custom graphics.
We shall be announcing some super sweet launch shows in the next week.
To hear the album first be sure to sign up to our mailing list –

Fonija – Covek od staklo EP

  2/12/2016 // giljotina

Fonija has just released a brand new three song EP on Balkan Veliki, fresh hard-working Macedonian record label. Committing a step further into the 80s style emotional melody, this EP gives us a little taste of what is to come on their next full length album, coming out sometime in 2017 on Giljotina.

Prihajajoči Golliwog koncerti 2016 – SUMMER EDITION

  15/6/2016 // giljotina


“Golliwog smo nazaj v akciji. Preden se zapremo v studio še nekaj datumov in skrivnih lokacij kjer bomo obredno klicali seitana, pili kri pomaranč, žrtvovali korenčke, za vrhunec večera pa bomo na vsakem koncertu obglavili melancano in okoli nje plesali macareno. Fušanje, awkward situacije, anti-social druženje, fun times! Špektakel debakel. Pridi, pridi, pridi!”

Giljotina celebrates 4th birthday!

  25/4/2016 // giljotina

Today, on our 4th BD, we are celebrating and hosting the amazing PEARS (USA – Fat Wreck Chords) along with slovenians Mental Strike and ŽLED in Dvorana Gustaf Maribor. The concert will be held in cooperation with the nice people from Solar Pulse Music. Hope to see you there, too! FB event – click here.

The story of Giljotina began with the opening show for our first release exactly 4 years ago (25.4.2012). Since then, we took part in 37 releases (9 digital only releases, 9 reissues and 19 physical releases) for bands like Strike a Fire, Burkovsky, Skamele, Aktivna Propaganda, Golliwog, The Mor(r)ons, Low Value, Unblind, Pridigarji, Pujski Sreče, Fonija, Real Life Version, Noisefight, Mental Strike, A Hero Build, INxSANE, Seehearspeak, Harry, Despite Everything, Darko, White Stain, ZMP and Start at Zero.

During these years, we helped organizing 30 concerts for bands such as: Strike a Fire, The Great Reverse, All One to Me, INxSANE, Fonija, Culture Development, Upbeat Allstars, Discoballs, Raggalution, The Manix, Pseudo, Antillectual, Timeshares, Start at Zero, Face the Fax, White Stain, Mental Strike, Darko, Fail Aspect, Pankeroschi, Spunk on Toast, Arms Aloft, Real Life Version, Seehearspeak, Thee Infidels, Ants, The Mor[R]ons, LUVDUMP, Pigs Parlament, Franz Strosuk, ZMP, Straightline, Harry, A Hero Build, The Hoax Program, Noisefight, What Matters Most, Blendof, The JB Conspiracy, Ghouls, Noviot Pochetok, Spank, Celestial Shore, ŠKM Banda, Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation, Such Gold, Muncie Girls, Petrol Girls, Mt. Blanc, Gnarwolves and Despite Everything.

DARKO & ALMEIDA – Beards and Bellends Tour 2016

  15/3/2016 // giljotina

darko almeida beards and bellends tour

Almeida – Progressive Thrash + Darko on a two week easter egg hunt! They’ll stop in Ljubljana on the 9th of April. Click on the dates below for a specific FB event or CLICK HERE for the official FB tour event.

Thursday 24th – Belgium, Antwerp, Music City (Darko only)
Friday 25th – Germany, Aachen
Saturday 26th – Germany, Nuremberg, K-Sechs
Sunday 27th – Kladno, Czech Republic
Monday 28th – Olomouc, Czech Republic
Tuesday 29th – Vienna, Austria
Wednesday 30th – Bratislava, Slovakia
Thursday 31st – Budapest, Hungary

Friday 1st – Ukraine, Lviv, Underground Club
Saturday 2nd – Ukraine, Rock Explosion Fest
Sunday 3rd – Romania, SIBIU
Monday 4th – Romania, Bucharest
Tuesday 5th – Bulgaria, Sofia
Wednesday 6th – Serbia,Velika Plana
Thursday 7th – Croatia, Pula
Friday 8th – Croatia, TBA
Saturday 9th – Ljubjana, Slovenia
Sunday 10th – NEED A SHOW

Christmas Pig just got hairy!

Preveri še // Check it out:

Lockjaw Records Announce Crohn’s & Colitis Benefit Compilation

  5/5/2016 // giljotina


Lockjaw Records is a UK based Independent Record Label, specialising in Punk and Hardcore from all over the world.

“With this year’s compilation, in addition to spreading the word on new songs & bands, I was quite keen on doing something where we could ‘give back’. I have family members who suffer from the disease, so it just made sense to go with Crohn’s & Colitis UK” – Rob Piper, Lockjaw Records.

“I suffer from Colitis and found out a while back that musicians are particularly susceptible. So we suspected that a lot of people in the music scene might not be aware of what exactly the disease is and what the symptoms are. So to save someone out there pain, silence and the embarrassment, we wanted to spread some awareness, whilst sharing some good tunes!” – Lesley-Anne O’Brien, Lockjaw Records

All profits from the compilation will go to Crohn’s & Colitis UK. The compilation is a Pay What You Want deal, so anything you spend over 65p goes straight to the charity.

Great tracks have been kindly provided by Pure Noise Records, Bomber Music Ltd, Big Scary Monsters, Failure By Design Records, Full House Records, Pee Records, Ass Card Records and NoReason Records.
The artwork was donated by L30 Artwork & HmmmBates.


  1. 1. Fair Do’s – Hostile Company
  2. 2. Antillectual – Soundtrack
  3. 3. Astpai – Small Change
  4. 4. Gnarwolves – The Waiting Line
  5. 5. Mainline 10 – Not Afraid
  6. 6. One Hidden Frame – Immortal
  7. 7. Graveyard Johnnys – The Poison
  8. 8. Weatherstate – Ill
  9. 9. Seaway – Best Mistake
  10. 10 .The Decline – I Don’t Believe
  11. 11. Belvedere – As Above, So Below
  12. 12. The Human Project – Séance Fiction
  13. 13. Boston Manor – Trapped Nerve
  14. 14. Drones – Parasite
  15. 15. Anchord – Bad Cop
  16. 16. Perkie – Walls Come Crashing
  17. 17. Landscapes – Neighborhood
  18. 18. Brightr – Sick Note
  19. 19. The Wonder Beers – Geezers
  20. 20. Screech Bats – Pathologigirl
  21. 21. Almeida – Payday
  22. 22. A Wilhelm Scream – Gut Sick Companion
  23. 23. Petrol Girls – Restless
  24. 24. Darko – In The Company of Wolves
  25. 25. Jaya The Cat – Hello Hangover
  26. 26. Jamie Lenman – Friends In Low Places

Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are the two main forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, affecting more than 300,000 people in the UK. Yet it is largely a hidden disease, and one that causes stigma, fear and isolation. There’s no cause or cure so it’s a lifelong issue.

Notable sufferers include:
Glenn Frey (RIP), guitarist for The Eagles
Chris Conley, singer for Saves The Day
Daryl Palumbo, singer for Glassjaw
Mike McCready, lead guitarist of Pearl Jam
Anastacia – Yes, unfortunately her too!

‘No Guts No Glory: A Tribute To Kicking Crohn’s & Colitis’ Ass ‘ will be released on CD and Digital Download on 09/05/2016
Order The Compilation Here:

Dirty Skunks Fest

  11/1/2016 // giljotina


Dirty Skunks Fest 2016 – 1 noč, 3 odri, 14 bendov!

Nastopajo: Curse of Instinct, Backstage, Paragoria, Gužva u bajt, In the Crossfire, Jegulja, The Hoax Program, Panikk, Burn Fuse, Final Approach, Start at Zero, Trifail, Release the Ectoplasm, Carnifliate!

Afterparty: Everything Goes, Cool Kids Booking, Orto Bitchez From Hell, Bunny, Šujo & Gorchy!

Lokacija: Orto Bar, Ljubljana
Začetek: 15.1.2016 ob 19h
Cena vstopnice v predprodaji: 10 €
Cena vstopnice na dan koncerta: 14 €
Število vstopnic je omejeno na 250 komadov!!!
Za obiskovalce s člansko izkaznico Kadilnica Of Death je vstopnica brezplačna!

Dirty Skunks bodo zdaj zdaj obeležili 14. obletnico našega delovanja. Z drugimi besedami: “Že 14 let smrdimo in to nameravamo početi še kar nekaj časa!”
V ta namen pripravljajo DIRTY SKUNKS FEST: Festival lokalne scene! Curse of Instinct, Backstage, Paragoria, Gužva u bajt, In the Crossfire, Jegulja, The Hoax Program, Panikk, Burn Fuse, Final Approach, Start at Zero, Trifail, Release the Ectoplasm, Carnifliate. 14 bendov, s katerimi smo v preteklosti tako ali drugaće že sodelovali. V enem večeru bodo zavzeli vse tri odre Ljubljanskega Orto Bara.
Po koncertu sledi After.Party.Hard. w/ Everything Goes, Cool Kids Booking, Orto Prasice, Bunny, Šujo & Gorchy!
Na voljo bodo tudi čisto nove Dirty Skunks majčke različnih designov, vžigalniki, značke, itd…
Vstopnice so že v predprodaji!
Imetniki članske izkaznice KADILNICA OF DEATH – četrtkovi metal nighti v Orto baru imajo za Dirty Skunks Fest PROST VSTOP! Na voljo je še nekaj članskih izkaznic, ki so na voljo vsak prvi in tretji četrtek v Orto Baru. (S člansko izkaznico imate brezplačne tudi vse ostale koncerte, ki so v organizaciji Kadilnice Of Death, to pomeni vsaj še 8 brezplačnih koncertov do konca sezone, za samo 13€).

Kadilnica Of Death Stage (Orto Hala)
19:30 – 20:00 ………….. Carnifliate
20:20 – 20:50 ………….. Release The Ectoplasm
21:10 – 21:40 ………….. The Hoax Program
22:00 – 22:40 ………….. Jegulja
23:00 – 00:00 ………….. Paragoria
00:00 – 01:00 ………….. After.Party.Hard. w/ Orto Bitchez
01:00 – 05:00 ………….. Everything Goes w/ Sunneh, Jerry, Rope, Fogy

Drunk In Public Stage (Orto Klub)
21:20 – 22:00 ………….. Burn Fuse
22:20 – 22:50 ………….. Start At Zero
23:10 – 23:40 ………….. Gužva U Bajt
00:00 – 01:00 ………….. Curse Of Instinct
01:00 – 05:00 ………….. Dirty.Glam.Fever. w/ Šujo & Gorchy

Old School Stage (Orto Bar)
20:50 – 21:20 ………….. Trifail
21:40 – 22:20 ………….. In The Crossfire
22:40 – 23:10 ………….. Final Approach
23:30 – 00:20 ………….. Backstage
00:40 – 01:20 ………….. Panikk
01:30 – 05:00 ………….. This.Is.Punkrock. w/ Cool Kids


Predprodaja vstopnic:
spletna trgovina On Parole,
– trgovina Madness (Trubarjeva 16, LJ),
– Orto Bar
– in na vseh prireditvah Dirty Skunks!
Rezervacij in predprodaje prek Eventima NI!


  8/7/2015 // golliwogpunk

c (3)


– dimljen tofu (200g)

– jurčki (lahko tudi druge gobe po svojem okusu)

– ½ velike čebule

– por

– svež peteršilj

– začimbe: sol, poper, kurkuma, curry, čebula v zrnju



Na olju dobro prepražimo čebulo da porjavi. Dodamo narezane jurčke in jih malo popečemo. Potem z roko na čebulo nadrobimo dimljen tofu in dodamo poper, sol, curry, kurkumo in čebulo v zrnju. Vse skupaj dobro premešamo, da se okusi povežejo in da tofu dobi lepo rumeno barvo. Na koncu dodamo še malo na majhne trakce narezanega pora in nasekljan peteršilj, pražimo še cca. pol minute in jed je pripravljena.

Goeie eetlus!



  20/4/2015 // golliwogpunk

d (105)

-½ čebule
-2 stroka česna
-1 koren
-pest sojinih kalčkov
-½ rdeče paprike
-1 por
-2 pesti kitajskega zelja
-sezamovo olje
-vlečeno testo
-nadomestek za jajca
-sojina omaka
*dodamo lahko tudi gobe, tofu ali druge sestavine po svojem okusu

Papriko, zelje, por in korenček narežemo na trakce, česen stremo. Čebulo sesekljamo in rahlo popražimo na vročem sezamovem olju. Nato dodamo česen in vso ostalo zelenajvo, razen pora. Zalijemo z 1dl vode in 3 žlicami sojine omake. Pražimo 5 minut, nato dodamo še por. Na ognju pustimo še 3 minute. Odstavimo in pustimo, da se ohladi.

Vlečeno testo razgrnemo in zložimo 3 plasti eno na drugo. Vsako plast prej navlažimo z vodo. Razrežemo ga na 4 enako velike, 10×15 cm velike pravokotnike. Po sredini testa po dolgem razporedimo zelenajvo, na vsaki strani pustimo 2 cm prostora. Nato preko zelenjave najprej zapognemo daljšo stran testa, nato pa še krajšo. Da zavitek ne bo razpadel, ga zlepimo z nadomestkom za jajca. V vročem olju zavitke cvremo 1 minuto na vsaki strani.

Bon dhahar!


  3/4/2015 // golliwogpunk


-1 zavitek vlečenega testa
-1 bio drobljenec LaVida
-1½ čebule
-mešanica začimb (ali rastlinska jušna kocka)
-česen v prahu

Na malo olivnega olja popražimo na drobno narezano čebulo, da porjavi. Med praženjem dodamo malo slane mešanice začimb, da čebula spusti vodo. Dodamo bio drobljenec, popramo in začinimo še z malo česna v prahu. Pražimo 5 minut. Pekač namastimo. Prvi list testa poškropimo z vodo in položimo na dno pekača, tako, da sega čez rob. Enako naredimo še z naslednjimi tremi listi. Dodamo polovico nadeva. Nato dva lista zmočimo, natrgamo na manjše koščke in razporedimo po drobljencu. Za tem prideta na vrsto še dva lista testa in na njiju še preostali nadev. Čisto na koncu pokrijemo še z dvema listoma in zapognemo robove, ki visijo prek pekača. V posodi zavremo vodo z mešanico začimb (ali jušno kocko) in lovorjevim listom. Prelijemo po bureku (cca 2dl). Burek damo v pečico na 180°C in pečemo pol ure. Med pečenjem še enkrat prelijemo z začinjeno vodo/jušno osnovo.

Labu apetīti!



  19/3/2015 // golliwogpunk

d (87)

-1 srednje velika glava cvetače
-1 lonček čičerike
-3 žlice olivnega olja
-mleta kumina
-1 strok česna

Čičeriko namakamo čez noč. Kuhamo jo približno eno uro. Cvetačo skuhamo v osoljeni vodi. Čas kuhanja naj bo približno od 5 do 10 minut. Na olivnem olju prepražimo čebulo in česen, dodamo žličko kurukume in polovico žličke mlete kumine. Dodamo čičeriko, malo narezanega pora in 1/3 lončka vode. Popramo, solimo in premešamo, da se okusi med seboj dobro povežejo. Na koncu dodamo odcejeno cvetačo in še enkrat premešamo.

Mabuting gana!